ETEC Member Co-ops

Membership in ETEC gives individual cooperatives better access to new and different sources of power, both conventional and renewable. ETEC owns portions of some power plants, builds others and purchases power on behalf of more than 340,000 member-owners. By working together, individual cooperatives throughout East Texas can share best practices and resources, particularly in times of need, such as natural disasters. For example, when Hurricane Ike struck East Texas, ETEC members worked together to better utilize work crews and equipment, such as back up generators, and to help facilitate assistance from governmental entities.

Thanks to the power of the cooperative, East Texas businesses and residents served by ETEC benefit from highly reliable, affordable energy, better service and quick responses in times of need.

All of the following cooperatives are members of ETEC, and they are the organizations that literally provide the power to individual homes and businesses.

To learn more about each co-op member, please click on the links below to visit their websites.



Co-ops in Texas

Currently in Texas, there are 75 different electric co-ops serving more than 4,200,000 member-owners. Texas co-ops own more than 320,000 miles of lines serving more than 2.1 million meters in 241 of the state's 254 counties. ETEC member co-ops are:

• Private, independent electric utility businesses owned by the consumers they serve

• Incorporated under the laws of the states in which they operate

• Established to provide at-cost electric service

• Governed by a member elected board of directors