About ETEC


ETEC is a private, independent electric cooperative owned by the members we serve. Since 1987, we have made it possible for thousands of residents and businesses to take advantage of the lowest-cost, most reliable energy available in East Texas.

As a not-for-profit cooperative, ETEC exists to serve the best interests of our member-owners, and we lead the way in providing outstanding service. Our focus on customer satisfaction also propels us to take a leadership role in adopting innovative new technologies in order to improve energy delivery while keeping costs low. In addition, ETEC is committed to being a practical resource for energy efficiency and conservation information, with a keen focus on renewable energy, such as biomass and hydroelectric power.



ETEC was founded in 1987, when 10 East Texas cooperatives came together to deliver reliable, low cost power to rural residents and businesses. Our 10 distribution cooperatives are members of three generation and transmission cooperatives (G&Ts) that fall under the ETEC umbrella.

Today, our goal is the same as it was over 30 years ago: to keep power costs down for our members while maintaining a consistently superior level of transmission. We meet this goal by establishing a well-balanced, diversified generation portfolio, by investing in modern, efficient facilities and by pursuing practical, renewable energy sources that will power our members for generations to come.

ETEC remains focused on the needs of their member-consumers. Meeting those needs is the sole reason we are in business. From assisting communities with economic development and revitalization projects to providing the infrastructure that improves quality of life. ETEC is the power of East Texas.


ETEC continues to pursue renewable energy sources.

Currently 7 percent of our power needs are met through the hydroelectric facilities at Sam Rayburn Dam and Denison Dam. We will complete construction on the R.C. Thomas Hydroelectric Project on Lake Livingston in mid-2019. In addition, we utilize power from two wind farms in which we have long term power purchase agreements.